STEP 1- Download New Teacher Checklist

Are you a new teacher?

This course is designed to walk you step-by-step through all of the essentials required to establish a solid classroom community. We ensure that you are prepared and not overwhelmed with BS.


My 1st year of teaching I felt like I was blindfolded and running uphill backwards with one broken flip flop.  

I knew I could teach but I didn't realize that teaching is only 1/4 of a teacher's job


I thought that I could plan out parent communication when school started.

 I had no idea that I needed to create emergency sub plans.

 I had no clue how to use a paraprofessional to their fullest extent.  


Did you know that you should map out your classroom during the summer?

Your classroom is a perfect  REFLECTION of the hard WORK or lack of work you PUT INTO it. 

This course will guide you on how  to plan out and structure a physical classroom. 

Learn how to structure procedures and routines that maximize learning for each student.

Learn how to structure group work. 

Learn how to organize student work for grading and parent teacher conferences 

Work life balance in teaching only is achieved if you front load your administrative work

Learn the importance of planning your parent communication early. 

Learn how to structure for your parent teacher conferences before school even begins.

Learn how to write sub plans

Learn how to create connection circles 

Learn how to navigate difficult administrators 

"This course lead directly to my success in my first year of teaching. The information Stacey provides is invaluable "

5th Grade Bronx New York

"Stacey's materials and delivery helped me stay organized and focused during my first year teaching. She is a master at what she does. "

2nd Grade, New Orleans Louisiana

"I thought my Education courses prepared me for the classroom. How wrong I was my first few weeks were horrific. I found myself overwhelmed and underprepared. Stacey's courses literally walked me through my second semester at school. Her mastermind calls calmed my fears and kept me on track. Thank you, Thank you. "

7th Grade, Boulder Colorado

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